Risk Management Resources

Provided by AXIS Insurance

Staying on top of changes in practice, products, project delivery, regulations and contract forms helps design firm reduce the risk of a professional liability claim.  To assist firms in managing their exposures, the Aon A&E Advantage program carrier, AXIS Insurance, offers the following services:


Continuing Education

AXIS Insurance had negotiated with PDHengineers, a specialty education provider, to grant Aon A&E Advantage policyholders a 20% discount on continuing education courses.

  • To receive this discount visit the PDHengineers website
  • Policyholders do not need a policy number or a password


  • AXIS offers risk management webinars throughout the year
  • Topics include:  practices & procedures, new staff training and topics of interest to design professionals
  • Continuing education credits are available for some courses
  • Announcements will be mailed to brokers a month in advance of the webinar
  • Webinars are archived and can be retrieved from the AXIS website

Contract Review for Insurance Issues

AXIS Insurance reviews contracts for insurability issues like the indemnification agreement or duty to defend clause to assist A&E Advantage policyholders in their negotiations.

  • Policyholders should send the contract to their broker to pass along to AXIS
  • Most contracts are reviewed in under two business days
  • This information is for the policyholder’s consideration – compliance is not mandatory
  • Comments are not meant to constitute legal advice
  • Policyholders are encouraged to discuss changes to their practice with their legal counsel and insurance broker

Pre-Claims Assistance

A&E Advantage policyholders do not have to have a claim to receive claim advice.  For example, if a project is over budget or behind schedule, the AXIS claims staff can provide advice on how to reduce your risk and protect your firm.

  • Report your concerns to AXIS at 1-866-259-5435
  • Be specific about why you think the incident may result in a claim
  • The AXIS claims staff is empowered to provide advice, an expert opinion or an attorney

Loss Control Information

Have a question about the risk in a policyholder’s practice? Thinking about lessons learned from a claim?

  • AXIS’s experienced underwriters and claims staff are happy to provide their perspective
  • Contact your AXIS underwriter for the fastest response
  • Or speak to the AXIS Loss Control Program Manager at 1-866-259-5435 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST

Privacy Data Breach Response Services

A&E Advantage policyholders who have purchased Enterprise Security and Privacy Regulation coverage have access to services and vendors who can help with recovery from a network security or data privacy event.

  • Due to federal and state privacy data breach laws, a privacy event typically requires a response
  • Speed and efficacy of response are key in containing the loss and preserving client goodwill
  • AXIS has a list of approved service providers to help reduce the impact of these events 
  • Report the claim as per the terms of the policy to verify coverage then visit the AXIS website
  • On this web page is the contact information for breach coaches, forensic services, notification services, credit monitoring services and more

This information is for your consideration and not meant to constitute legal advice.  Following it is not mandatory.  Please discuss any changes you want to make in your practice with your local legal counsel and your insurance broker.